Layer upon layer
Sheet below sheet
Once upon a time
History repeats
Me upon you
Old below new

You are no more
Neither is your home
But I am here
Tracing you on my own
Searching for glimpses of you
Old below new

In the cracks of the plaster, new upon old
In the lanes and the gulleys, a tale untold
In the courtyard, sunken below layers of street
In between buildings, I hear your heart beat
In the dust-specked light filtered through
In remembrance of a memory I never knew

Layer below layer
Street upon street
Line below line
The code is complete
You below me
Tee upon tee

You are no more
But I bear your name
With glimpses of you in me
I am here all the same
In search of you
Old below new

My homonym
My humnaam
My namesake


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