Things My Father Taught Me About Work

Don’t base the value of a person on their financial status, or their level of education, or their connections with important people. Value a person based on their understanding and implementation of Islam.

Don’t worry about where your next paycheck is coming from. Give your very best efforts to your work, and Allah will arrange for more than you could hope for.

Work for passion, work with integrity, and money will follow. If you work for money alone, you will end up compromising your integrity and losing passion for life.

What you do and how you do it defines a great part of who you are. What you earn and whom you know, doesn’t, and don’t ever let it.

Never produce substandard work, for anything. Even if no one sees it, you see it.

Humiliating others does not elevate your status. It makes you lower than those you are humiliating.

The worst way to become successful in life is to move up by pulling others down. Success is not relative to others’ position. This guarantees unhappiness and such success is not real or lasting.

The best way to become successful in life and in the Hereafter is to move forward, taking others along with you. Succeed and help others succeed. This guarantees happiness for you and those you helped. The happiness of those around you will add to your happiness, as well.

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