Adaptive Cuisine 2.0: Energy Bars

Snacking between meals doesn’t necessarily have to be either guilt-ridden, fattening sugary/oily processed ‘foods’ or bland, tasteless and texture-free ‘healthy snacks’ that you force yourself to eat. These energy bars are the best of both worlds: sweet, indulgent and healthy, and surprisingly easy to make! A great reason to give up those Snickers bars!

Preparation Time: 10 min
Making Time: 1 hr+


1 part nuts (almonds/walnuts/hazelnuts/peanuts)
1 part dried fruit (raisins/sultanas/figs/cranberries)
1 part dates, seeded



Food processor/ grinder
Butter sheet


1 Combine nuts, dried fruit and dates in a grinder and process for one minute. Loosen the mixture and keep grinding until a ball begins to form.


2 When the mixture is sticky (the dates aid in adhesion), lay it flat onto a tray and press down to achieve uniform thickness.

3 Cover with a butter sheet and chill for at least one hour or overnight.

4 Remove from the fridge and cut into squares or bars. These can be wrapped in butter sheet or tin foil and carried to work/school as a mid morning or tea time snack. Keep the rest refrigerated.


Try these combos: almond/fig, walnut/cranberry, walnut/raisin, etc. Pictured is almond/raisin.




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