Stream of Consciousness: Random Thoughts on Architecture and Its Subset, Life

There is no one way to define someone, for every person has multiple identities. Sometimes by personal choice, but mostly through others’ viewpoint, people are typecast into one identity, and this makes it difficult for them to bring forth other aspects of who they are. Let me begin by saying, I am not an architect. I am an Indian, a Muslim, a woman, a designer, a poet, a writer, a child, a dreamer, a doer, and an architect… not necessarily in that order. Whatever I do in life reflects all aspects of my personality.

There are no creative fields, only creative people.

Just as there is no single way to describe a person, there is no single answer to any question. I ask many questions, of myself and of others, and I receive multiple answers. I know that none of these answers can be said to be right or wrong. In a rigid, black-and-white world, Architecture is a splash of ambiguous color. To me, it represents freedom of the spirit which does not end with self-expression, but goes on to create something more meaningful that serves a higher purpose.

I have always felt the need to create. I feel the passing of an energy through me, that I cannot contain or ignore. I need only to channel it towards something purposeful, and it may well result in something truly great.

I must hold myself to higher standards and accept nothing less of the world. I say ‘must’ because it is a compulsion. Such is my nature that I wish forever to be in the company of those who challenge me. Those who seek perfection as I do, who believe in its existence, and in its pursuit. I wish to inspire and be inspired. Such is my nature.

Why must I settle for less when I can spend my life in
search of something more? Why must I settle
for discovery when I can concentrate on the quest?

A desperate crawl towards enlightenment, to me, is a million times more dignified than a composed stride towards oblivion.

Vision is not limited to what you can see; being able to see to the end is a sign of the lack of vision. Too much emphasis is placed on finished products, and too less on the process. I have learnt that the process is the most important aspect of designing. Design is not a utopian quest for a rosy picture that has a definitive end. Design in effect, has no end. That is the true definition of good design. All architects aspire to live forever through their creations.

I know things. What I don’t know is more important. That is what keeps me going.

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