Truth Be Told

Truth. Faith. Love. Honor. Integrity. Liberty.

   Very few things in life are worth fighting for. And when you are faced with these issues, whether you fight or take flight is what determines your strength of character, and maps out the rest of your life. There are certain things that cannot be compromised. Once you’ve figured out what these things are, you’re well one your way. Because ultimately, you’re alone. Nothing and nobody can tell you what your principles are. Not even a manual of life can tell you what path to take in what situation. We are not robots, we have willpower, the ability to choose our paths, whether they will take us to a higher level or to destruction. It’s your choice. And no matter what you choose, there will be consequences that will teach you your life lessons. No one is qualified to teach these lessons. They are to be learnt themselves, learnt by living.
   All around us we see big oppressing little. There are clearly defined authority figures that are in power, and the rest of us must obey them, whether they are right or wrong. They own us. They own us because we voted for them, they own us because they have more money, they own us because they gave birth to us. But do they, really? Can anyone ever own our minds, our ability to choose? God has given us willpower and the freedom to choose our paths, which distinguishes us from the angels, who have no willpower or freedom of thought. When the Almighty himself has set us free to do as we please, then who are these mortal authority figures who have a claim on our souls, our lives and our actions? Why do we continue to bow down and obey and be crushed under them no matter how wrong we know they are?
"No one can make your feel inferior without your consent."

Eleanor Roosevelt
   Every human needs to define his or her principles himself. Faith can only guide your heart but you do the thinking. When we have broken free from things like being expected to follow in our parents’ footsteps in what profession we choose then why do we allow ourselves to be herded by those in power without thinking and deciding for ourselves? The answer is simple. We all live in self-created comfort zones, doing what is expected, doing what is convenient, doing what comes easy. It takes courage to do something different, something that has not been established yet. It takes a shit-load of courage to give voice to something that has been brewing silently. And it is this courage that most of us lack. We all want to be comfortable and happy and have the perfect life. We live in fear of being different, or of offending someone. We would rather compromise on certain issues even if they are pinching us, instead of getting off our butts and doing something, and I mean really doing something, not talking about it, not protesting, but actually making a difference. We would rather live with those repeated jabs on our conscience until they become dull and get drowned out by the so-called life we have built around us, the life that we are so proud of. And we allow ourselves to forget what we stood for in the first place. We have been bought. At quite a cheap price, too.
Most people go through life not realizing that they’ve sold themselves. Sold themselves for comfort and their interpretation of happiness. But there are, and will always be, some things that are worth risking it all for. Things that are worth throwing away everything that you’ve done in life.
Truth? Faith? Love? Honor? Integrity? Liberty?
No one can tell you what these things are but yourself.
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