Songs Between Buildings

"Dime, puesto que eres sensible a los efectos de la arquitectura, ¿no has observado, al pasearte por la ciudad, que entre los edificios que la pueblan, unos son mudos, unos hablan y otros, en fin, que son los más raros, cantan?" – Paul Valery (1871-1945)


     Tell me, since you are so sensitive to the effects of architecture, have you noticed, as you walk around the city, that between the buildings that inhabit her, some are mute, others talk, and still others, and these are the strangest, sing?

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3 thoughts on “Songs Between Buildings

  1. pankaj on said:

    Hi Takbir, thanks for visiting my space…You may have noticed that I may have taken in some of your quotes…It\’s just for the reason that they appael to me too… I am glad that I was able to put you back to track … to the world where you belong…You have done a great job here on your space and let me tell you that MINDSPACE is the best space that I have ever visited…or any blog for that matter…. Yes. I am sensitive to the effects of architecture….I have not only felt that the buildings speak … but they also…seem to touch me….I being from Mumbai…know how it feels to remain among those beauties…If you look closely just as you(TAKBIR) usually do….you\’ll realise that even the slums come out beautifully to you.. Please …..if you don\’t mind giving me your e-mail id…I would be happier…Ther\’s a fantasti snap of the high rises that I wan\’t to send you….and there\’s load to speak… Thanks ….once again.

  2. Unknown on said:

    I bet you are the coolest Hyderabadi I have ever come across, except for my buddy. This is some really amazing work you have put up here. Will be looking out or more!AH

  3. Muminah on said:

    SubhanAllahthis is a beautiful entry!!

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