Blueprints of a Revolution

Merger of Days 
Another sleepless night gone by unnoticed. The coffee mugs have really piled up. Too bad I can’t see them behind all those butter sheets. Soft butter sheets are perfect for cuddling up under, my mind says… hmm… one day… One of these days all those nights will pile up on me and take their toll. I’m prepared for that, provided it happens sometime in the next decade.
Blurry Sea of Architrout 
Best part about college submission days: no-one notices anyone else. Everyone wishes the HOD won’t notice them trying to catch some shut-eye between hatching those trees in plan. Inane discovery: drool makes sciography look realistic.
That’s What they Fear Me For 
Sappenings meet. (Happenings of SAP.) I disclose the drool tip to a group of glazed-over, wide-eyed minions in the amphitheater. They gawk in revered awe. And this is nothing compared to the way they look at me in AA (Architects Anonymous). Hey, it’s what I do. (Co-editor rolls his eyes. Humph.)
Generic Express 
They know me down at the Koffee Hut. ‘Cuz I make it a habit to frequent the same joint everyday until they give me a standing discount. I have 10% off and no self-service here. Lunch consists of a double-shot feisty espresso and consequent ground-breaking design work. Hangin’ with the gals. What more is there to life, I ask?
Veering Close to the Edge 
I have smelled a revolution and this is it. I have only 500 atmosphere of polluted air in my lungs today. There is promise in the air as I drive at a speed of 60 kmph with stinky nalla two feet to my left and cow dung at 2 o’clock. Hyderabad mein aisich hota, dude.
Curse of the Designer’s Angle 
Rain is pelting down on the windows, trying to get away from the howling wind. The candle dilemma… air- no flame; no air- no flame. I sucked at Chemistry. (9/100 lowest ever score in high school.) Can’t figure this out. I sit in darkness examining the design defects in a lackluster teaspoon for 2 hours. No, really, it’s what I do.
Aah, Sweet Pneumonia 
So I got a litte brainwave. So I took a chance and ran out in the rain. It’s been a while. Oh, yea. Almost forgot how good this feels. The aftermath. Body temperature: 102 degrees Fahrenheit. And revelations!! I could be designing entire cities full of skyscrapers today. Understand, Ma, this violent shaking is the passing of divine inspiration through my being. Brrr! Just hope I get this lucky when I’m doing my thesis.
See Y’all in 2006 
Recovery irks me. Maybe I could snort something and go back to normalcy. Gotta really slog hard to make sense of those fever-induced sketches. Gonna take me weeks but it’s gonna be worth it. Right now, ’tis the time to search for the bed under heaps of butter sheets. I last saw my T-scale on the bed, so. Shouldn’t keep him waiting. Parry, the parallel bar, I mean. He gets cranky if kept too long. Well, that’s all my typical days rolled into one atypical compilation. Until next year…
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4 thoughts on “Blueprints of a Revolution

  1. Susan on said:

    Congratulations on your best of MSN Spaces!

  2. Congrats on the best of MSN.I know what your saying about the merging of days and know the toll it takes. I think the worst incident I had was finals week while I was in art school (MICA) and I had been up for days. The day of the last class I went home for some food and some shut eye. I started making some quick eats when I had a major yawn him me. In mid yawn I must have blacked out and in my mind I was back in bed sleeping. Suddenly, it felt like I picked my head up and smacked it on the head board. Still imagining that I was in bed, I thought to myself how stupid that was and why did I do it. Still tired, I decided to curl up in my blankets and get some more sleep, only to realise that I had no blanket. All I had to snuggle into was a cold, hard, lanolium floor. I opened my eyes in confusion to see that I was on the kitchen floor. I had come millimeters from nailing the corner of the breakfast table.With no blood and only a small bump, I decided to forego the food and head off to the real bed. I think I slep an entire day- 24 hours.Hope you get some sleep soon. The sleep you lose…you never get back.Congrats again.I\’m a closet architect myself. Good luck

  3. Silliest Schnauzer on said:

    This is an entry I found on your book list: "Ayn Rand: The FountainheadA neverending tale of a perfectionist and his undying passions. Something to live upto. A tale that never ends."Even if I ever disagree with you, I know you to be intelligent if you read this book!

  4. Arshiya on said:

    heya~*congrats ….ur space rocks… inspires me …sumhow….i jus took off time to read ……it talks to me in so may ways….i do sumtimes identify with it….

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