Seeing Red

Hafeez Comes to Hyderabad
 The new giant in red on Panjagutta X-roads has finally been unveiled after being shrouded in blue plastic for months.Designed by Hafeez Contractor and owned by city-based businessman S. Gupta, Hyderabad Central is now the largest seamless mall in India. The name itself has been aptly chosen, as the area where it stands has now become the very hub of commercial activity in Hyderabad.
 In its five stories, one can find an unending variety of items, from imported goods to assorted foods… you name it, you got it. And a proposal for addition of a multiplex is already underway. What more could you ask for? Nothing, the average shopper would say. But architecturally, the building is in want of a lot more.
 The facade is a composition of brightly colored shapes, a half-hearted attempt towards modernism (?) and the plan gets even the most expert shopper perplexed. The circulation pattern is sketchy and one is always in search of the escalator or the toilets, areas which should be more accessible than any others. In the confusion of the traffic jam on the x-roads, parking is hardly sufficient, and the Hyd Central building can be termed an architectural jam. As can be seen in his other buildings, such as Amrutha Mall, dishing out pre-packaged plans and elevations to upcoming metropoli just to spruce up their skyscape, has become Hafeez’s trademark.
 What Hyderabad is desirous of is not an abstract put-together building that will enforce a coming-of-age onto it, but a well-thought out, empirical structure which reflects the rich culture of Hyderabad and its gradual advancement towards globalisation. And convenient, easy-access plans, because how do you expect us laid-back, easy-going Hyderabaddies to break our heads trying to locate the payment counter?
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One thought on “Seeing Red

  1. Olympus on said:

    sniff sob mommy im scared. takbir is using funny terminologies!

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