A Showroom full of Ideas

A homemaker’s heaven… an interior designer’s eden… a paradise to anyone who stays in a home. No words will be clear enough in describing IKEA, the international furniture showroom run by a Swedish company, with outlets dotted in different countries worldwide. When I say furniture showroom, I am too late because you have already interpreted those words in terms of images of Furniture World or Furniturewala.
 IKEA is no ordinary furniture shop. It manufactures not only furniture but preplanned rooms equipped with everything that completes a room, from crockery to housewares, stationary to electronics, and even handmade wall-hangings.
 Walk through room upon room decorated in many innovative ways; it’s like a maze you can easily manoever your way through, with the help of room plans drawn on signboards at every corner. All that is needed is to grab a pencil (and preferably a camera, like I did) and tick the items you want on the list provided. And if you lack a camera, grab a catalogue on your way out, which will update you on all available products.
 Moreover, IKEA have thought of everything… the showroom is sandwiched between a children’s play den on the bottom floor and a restaurant on the top floor (where you get free refills on any drink). Almost everything is dirt cheap, but it’s not necessary to buy anything (though I couldn’t leave without filling my shopping cart to the brim) because IDEAS ARE FREE!
 IKEA has hundreds of showrooms all over the globe and with the upcoming boom in architectural awareness in India, one at least is much needed here as well.
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3 thoughts on “A Showroom full of Ideas

  1. sushruta on said:

    ne ikea showroom in india?

  2. Prajacta on said:

    Whick IKEA is this??I\’ve been fortunate enough to always have an IKEA at hand wherever i\’ve lived (except in india) but now in the GTA we have 3 at our disposal!

  3. Takbïr on said:

    There are pictures of two Ikea showrooms here: one in Riyadh and the other in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). I can\’t tell which pictures are from which!

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