Vision 20/20?

In the race of life, there are dreamers and there are doers… Though all architects are essentially dreamers, there are no prospects for them unless they become doers. And if all dreamers became architects… there’s no telling what the face of the world would be like.

Architecture is life. Architecture encompasses space and the time you spend in it. Architecture deals with the world as a whole. This is the world that has been given to us… to live in… to work in… to enjoy… and architecture helps us make the best of it. Architecture is not only about buildings… buildings are but a mere fraction of architecture. But since they are the most common and significant representatives of architecture, buildings need to be given due magnitude.

The canvas of architects is the skyline, the horizon… immeasurable and boundless… stretching beyond imagination… this is the infinite scope of architecture.

As a student of this field, I have never felt like a mere college student, going through the tedious motions of classes, assignments and exams. I have always felt like a designer in the making. I have always felt responsible. There is a weight on my shoulders that I must bear for the sake of my city, for the people and places around me, for the elders who left it to us and for the coming generations… but most importantly, for me.

What significant change can I bring about that will affect the world, and the way it is looked at? I know that I am capable of greatness, of being able to make an impact and leaving behind my footsteps on the sands of time… perhaps even capable of bringing about a revolution… just like everyone else is capable. The question lies in do I wish to take advantage of this potential and make something happen, or do I just wait for things to happen to me?

Science– not everyone can understand. Art– not everyone can judge. But architecture can be understood and judged by all. It is the common man’s science, it is art for every person. As students, we are taught that our medium of expression is the language of graphics. We learn about hand-to-eye co-ordination, proportions, the Golden Mean… but ultimately, our link to the world is not through structural formulae or perspective sketches… it is the walk-through space that we create and how we inadvertently touch people’s lives, most times without their apprehension. Through buildings, we architects bare our souls to the world, right on the street, to appreciate or put down, to whitewash or graffitize, to renovate or demolish. Now that takes guts.

Yes, architecture is life. Living takes guts. There is no space for cowards in the race of life. Cowards stand at the sidelines while life passes them by. Would you rather sit in front of the TV watching travel shows or get off your butt and tour the world yourself? It’s a matter of choice.

It’s also a matter of perception. Of conviction. And sometimes it’s just a matter of clearing your vision.

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6 thoughts on “Vision 20/20?

  1. Renato on said:

    Nice blog, if i live in a such beauty place like India, i´ll surely study architecture too.Did u knew that \’Buda\’ means the enlightned, long live Guatama.

  2. Shakheel on said:

    xellent blog! u have tremendous passion for what you do… it\’s definitely an inspiration! hope to visit the beautiful city of Hyderabad soooon… and experience all that it has to offer…Great work!Shakheel Chennai

  3. Edwin on said:

    Hi, my name is Edwin and after reading your blog and seen all pictures you have about India, I\’m so impacted by the arch. in your country I would like to have a pic of you. Don\’t worry I\’m not trying ti hit an you or nothing is just my imagination runs wild as well and when I read stuff about people I like to see a face to identify better with what the person is saying or wrote etc… By the way you go girl ahive all you desire the skies the limite to what you set your heart to do.

  4. Renato on said:

    no, i didn´t write, i like poetry a lot, but unfortunatly i dont have time to write, that is a song lyrics from Tracy Chapman, i can get it to u, just write me back if u want…Cheers…

  5. Mujeeb on said:

    Salam Takbir Fathima….

    I checked ur msn space it\’s really nice to view it… well i would like to know abt u more and i would like to be one of ur\’s friend if ur intrested in 2 be that.. Well sry i not introduced my self My name is Sohail i am 23 years old i did my grade.. and yaa me too from Hyderabad.. i am gona wait for ur mail check my msn space it is

    Best Regards….


  6. Emmanuel_Goldstein_Wang on said:

    Allah Akbar!
    Thank you for visiting my space and giving me a chance to enjoy your very beautiful work here.
    I am speechless, as one should be in the face of profundity.
    Peace be upon you and all those who wish you well.
    Emmanuel_Goldstien_Wang V4.972A

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